1. AC to DC converter

    Quad Power Systems is pioneer in providing High level solutions related to the field of Power electronics and embedded designs. Over the period QPS Image is built as a trusted solution provider in the area SMPS, Led Driver. We have designed converter with following Variety.

    • 12V,10A Battery Charger(Telecom Tower Application)
    • 24V,10A Battery Charger(Telecom Tower Application)
    • 24V,20A Battery Charger
    • 12V,1.5A SMPS(Water filter Application)
    • 24V,1.5A(Water filter Application)
    • 48V,3A Battery charger
    • 12V,5A PFC based Battery Charger

  2. DC to DC converter

    We have designed wide variety of AC to DC converter for Battery charger, SMPS, Led Driver.

    • 12V,1A Battery Charger With input 12V/24V
    • 12V to 250V Converter for portable 3CFL(36W,60W) converter
    • 24V ballast card for water filter UV light
    • 12V Led driver for 3W,10W
    • 24V Led driver for 10W,36W and 60W
    • 12V PFC Led driver for 60W
  3. Solar Charge controller(SCC)

    We have wide variety Microcontroller PWM based charge Controller

    • 12V,2A SCC
    • 12V,10A SCC
    • 24V,5A SCC
    • 48V,10A SCC
    • 110V,60A SCC
    1. Dusk to Dawn
    2. Battery Deep Discharge Protection (i.e. Battery low)
    3. Battery Over charge Protection (i.e. PWM Control)
    4. Solar preference selection Option
    5. PID controller for Solar panels
  4. Led Drivers

    We have designed wide variety of Led Driver with following features and wattages

    • 12W Led Driver
    • 18W Led Driver
    • 24W Led Driver
    • 36W Led Driver
    • 50W Led Driver
    • 60W Led Driver
    1. PF>0.95
    2. Wide input operating voltage 90VAC to 300VAC
    3. Out Put Over voltage protection
    4. Inbuilt Surge Protection
    5. Output Short Protection
    6. Input Over voltage protection and auto reconnect
  5. 5. Embedded Project

    We also do Embedded project on GSM/GPRS, Electronic controlBoards and ECU for any electronic unit.

    Our major work on embedded systems is in the field of medical electronic instruments like

    1. Laser instrument which is used for hair fall therapy.
    2. Token Calling System for Clinics and Hospitals.
    3. OT Light (operation theater focus light).

Apart from this list of products we are open to do any power or solar products with Customer requirement.

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